side effects of nitrous oxide in San Antonio

Nitrous Oxide

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dentist

For patients who are anxious, stressed, or afraid of the dentist, we can help! At the offices of Dr. William Stewart, we provide sedation medications (including nitrous oxide and anti-anxiety medications) for worry-free dentistry. Remain at ease knowing there are minimal nitrous oxide side effects.

About Nitrous Oxide

When you have nitrous oxide (laughing gas), you will be conscious throughout your visit, but you will feel a deep sense of relaxation. Feeling relaxed helps you feel comfortable during the visit, avoid feeling afraid of the dentist, and can also help you have a quicker recovery and avoid soreness and stiff joints. Sore jaws and muscle pain are a common side effect of tense patients who clench their jaws or lock them open throughout their dental visit. Having nitrous oxide will help your jaws relax, which allows the dentist to work quicker and also lessens any muscle stiffness or jaw soreness you may sometimes feel after visiting the dentist.

Nitrous Oxide at Your Dental Visit

Part of conscious sedation is Nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas),  which is a commonly administered medication that helps many patients relax during their dental visit. It’s simple to administer (you just breathe it in), it’s safe, and it offers a sense of relaxation almost instantly. You’ll be given a small oxygen mask that will be fitted over your mouth and nose. Then, you just lie back in the chair and breathe normally. You won’t fall asleep or become unconscious. Nitrous oxide is a gentle relaxant and is a safe way to help patients all around San Antonio relax and feel comfortable instead of being afraid of the dentist.

Nitrous oxide side effects

After having nitrous oxide at the dentist, you may feel a little drowsy for a few hours after your visit. We recommend that you have someone drive you home from your dental visit. Patients from San Antonio are amazed at how easy their dental procedures are with sedation dentistry. They also appreciate the fact that they often don’t remember anything about the actual procedures sedation dentists perform.

For more information about our nitrous oxide services, please feel free to call us! We would love to help you feel more at ease and comfortable with your dental appointments! For a full list of our dental services that Dr. Stewart and his team provide, please take a look at our main dentistry page.